Jagen™ is an education and consulting company serving the financial, tax, and estate planning communities.  Jagen’s expertise is specifically in the field of advanced tax and financial planning strategies using alternative assets.  These include tax mitigation opportunities for retirement accounts, gifting transactions and estate tax planning.  The four main business lines within the company are Writing, Speaking, Consulting and Jagen™ Fund Architecture & Administration.

Writing: Jagen™ provides articles and content to many organizations and publications annually.  Examples of published articles can be found at the In the News  section of this site.  Our flagship written piece is the book KEEP IT! Advanced Tax Strategies for IRAs published in October 2011.  A sample chapter, Table of Contents, testimonials and ordering information can be found here.  We also publish and distribute blog postings which can be found here.

Speaking: Jagen™ founder Joe Luby speaks extensively around the country for various organizations and at industry events.  Topics generally revolve around advanced tax and financial planning concepts and are intended for professional advisors such as attorneys, CPAs and financial advisors.  Additionally, Mr. Luby often conducts webinars and teleconferences for large national audiences sponsored by outside partners as well as Jagen™ produced events.  Speaking topic examples, descriptions and booking information are found here.

Consulting: Jagen™ offers consulting services in two forms.  The first is on specific client cases when issues arise surrounding advanced planning topics and cases involving alternative asset valuation strategies.  The second type of consulting is large scale sales, marketing and technical assistance to alternative asset providers/sponsors, broker/dealer firms, RIAs and others.  These engagements are primarily focused on advanced training and support for firms involved in the creation, management and sale of alternative assets and specifically on how to increase sales of such assets by understanding and marketing their competitive edge as tax planning tools in addition to their investment opportunities.

Jagen™ Fund Architecture & Administration: Jagen™ also owns a proprietary fund design which is made available to firms that desire to manage money with a specific long-term focus for existing and new clients in a private investment fund structure.  Jagen™ does not manage or custody assets.  Jagen™ establishes the funds with certain variable design features selected by the partner firm and handles the administrative components in an ongoing capacity.  Jagen™ funds are similar to some other alternative assets in that the fund units have both a Net Asset Value (NAV) and a Fair Market Value (FMV).  Generally speaking, FMV is lower than NAV creating unique tax and financial planning opportunities for clients holding Jagen™ fund interests.

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