Powerful ways to protect your IRA and keep your piece of the $10 trillion dollar pie!

Are you doing everything you can to protect your retirement accounts from the impending tax bite?
Many families will lose one-third or more of their retirement assets to taxes. IRA expert Joe Luby shows you how to protect your financial future with advanced strategies in his new book KEEP IT!!
• Avoid excessive taxation of your retirement accounts
• Learn how proper valuation of IRA assets can affect your financial security
• Take advantage of the tax laws and IRA rules to reduce your tax bill
• Extend your tax protected legacy and pass more wealth to future generations
• BONUS chapter on creditor protection for IRAs

Keep It!

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A great book for clients with large IRAs as well as any professionals who advise those clients.  Estate planning attorneys, CPAs, financial advisors and anyone else advising high net worth clients should all have a copy of this book!  You will not find the information and advanced planning strategies in this book anywhere else!

– Kevin Mooney, Trust Officer

Mr. Luby’s book is an invaluable resource for every IRA investor or advisor. It gives one of the clearest and most understandable explanations — if not the clearest and most understandable explanation — on the tax rules and considerations that the pro-active IRA investor should take into account!

-Ami Givon, IRA and ERISA Attorney



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